The Canopy “The Selvita” and Tours “The Selvita” have all activities for ICT and approved by the INS. In our commitment to the safety of tourists all materials used in computers, as well as the construction of the canopy are of the highest quality that are on the market, and backed by the best brands in harness and pulley systems


Our challenge for the conservation of NATURE, of the fauna and flora of our forests, Heritage of Costa Rica for the coming generations and for humanity, we must use extreme right in the tourist exploitation of the park so that there is no impact Environmental likely to impair the development of the fauna and flora

We contribute to social aid to neighboring villages to The Selvita, such as the construction of the aqueduct and improvements in rural access road to the village of Santa Juana de San Marcos de Tarrazú.

Our Foundation LUZ Y LEONORA hijos de la selva, whose mission is to aid in camps for school children in the street and its coexistence with the Mother Jungle.



Insurance Risk Liability
Fire or Catasfrofe

No 01-16-RCG-0001306-00 and
No 01-16-INC-0015459-00.
Automobile Insurance
No 0II6 Aut 0092400

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